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My Review: Somebody's Lover by Jasmine Haynes

Somebody's Lover
by Jasmine Haynes
(3-in-1 Anthology - connected stories)

Contemporary / Romance / Erotica

Publisher ~ Penguin
Copyright 2006
Pages ~ 308
ISBN ~ 0425209962

Storyline ~ 5 out of 5 stars
Sensuality ~ 5 out of 5 stars
Why it's sexy ~ smokin' hot sex scenes, heart-felt stories


It takes a real man to love a woman right.

Meet three brothers who know how to crank up the heat in the bedroom-and the women who love them.

"Somebody's Lover" finds mother-of-two Taylor Jackson longing for the seductive touch of a good man. But when that man turns out to be her late husband's brother, can she let him into her heart?

In "Somebody's Ex," David Jackson is ready to take a walk on the wild side -- with gorgeous Randi Anderson, until he realizes she's looking for a happily ever after-and he has to think twice.

In "Somebody's Wife," Mitch Jackson is about to have his socks blown off when his wife heats things up in the bedroom. But when they find their visions of the future worlds apart, they will each question the very foundation of their marriage.

What I thought:

Jasmine Haynes is quickly becoming another of my favorite writers.  I laughed and cried my way thru Somebody's Lover...and loved every minute of it!  I love when an Anthology has connecting stories that read like one long story, and that what Jasmine has done with this book. 

We meet the Jackson's three years after the death of the oldest son/brother, Lou.  The 'theme' of these stories ends up being how Lou's death affected each one of his remaining brothers: Jace, David, and Mitch.  We also see how the parents, Arthur and Evelyn, dealt with their tragic loss.  Don't get me wrong...the whole book isn't about death and grief.  It's about how the Jackson family finally started to move on...with the help of three beautiful, sexy women.

Of the three stories, I'd have to say David and Randi's story was my favorite, though I thoroughly enjoyed them all.  The sex scenes are scorching HOT (and plentiful!) but they are tastefully woven into meaningful stories.  It irks me when there is NO story...just "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" sex scenes with nothing of substance to make you sit up and take notice of what's happening in the characters lives.  Ya know?

If you haven't read any of Jasmine's books, Somebody's Lover is an excellent place to start!  I've added most of her other books to my ever growing Wish List and hope to devour them all as soon as I can get my hands on them!  Enjoy!  =o)


Cover Hottie

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Literature & Fiction / General / Erotica

Copyright 2009
Pages ~ 288
ISBN ~ 9780758223739


Welcome to Maple Court and all its delicious temptations as small town art professor Taylor Barwick is about to discover...

Taylor Barwick's job has become too predictable and her sex life? Zilch. Hoping to spice things up, Tay jumps at the chance to house-sit her best friend's mansion for six months on a leafy cul-de-sac just outside Manhattan. Once Tay moves to Maple Court, she makes fast friends with Pam, a wealthy widow who lets her in on a dirty little secret: Beneath its affluent exterior, Maple Court is a hotbed of sex and seduction... When Tay meets Justin Karallis, she's immediately attracted to the handsome, sophisticated photographer and they become lovers. But soon Justin's lovemaking isn't enough to satisfy Tay and she finds out about Club Fantasy, where she can act out her most intimate fantasies. After that, there's no turning back...

Book Review: Obsessed by Delilah Devlin

by Delilah Devlin

Erotic ~ Romance ~ Contemporary

Strebor Books International
Copyright 2009
Pages ~ 149
ISBN ~ 9781593092306

Storyline ~ 3 out of 5 stars
Sensuality ~ 4.5 out of 5 stars
Why it's sexy ~ m/f/m, m/m, hot sex scenes


On an uncharacteristic whim, an obsessive-compulsive woman vacations at an island resort where she learns how to surrender to her disorderly, capricious, and wanton inner self.

Briana's pristine life has recently gone downhill after she realized her perfect marriage was a sham. Weighed down by the burdens of her impending divorce and the shame of being a "starter wife," the hysterically out-of-control Briana calls the number printed on a postcard for a limited-time offer at a distant lodge. Upon arriving at the sex vacation resort, Briana is confronted with all of her old hang-ups and throws herself into the pleasures of exhibitionism -- freeing herself from her heartbreaking past and the inhibitions that have always held her back in life.

What I thought:

Delilah Devline has quickly become one of my favorite Erotica authors, so I was really looking forward to reading Obsessed.  However, it turned out to be a little too wacky for my taste, though the sensuality is smokin'!

When we first meet Briana Neeson, she has just been dealt a devistatingly life-altering blow by her husband of seven years, Jonathan.  She is a truly disturbed obsessive-compulsive person, that just can't seem to break loose from her disorder.  After watching her husband walk out the door without a backward glance, Bri calls her best friend, Heather, for advice.  Heather's suggestion is to "stick a pin in the map and take a trip", since Bri can't remember the last time she did anything even remotely spontaneous.  Plus, she can use the time away to relax and try to figure out what she needs to do now that Jonathan is no longer around.

A few days later, as Briana checks her mail, she finds a postcard inviting her to "The Island" for a private getaway that will be perfectly catered to meet her specific needs.  She can't help her heated reaction to the hottie on the front of the invitation.  What's wrong with her, that she's seriously thinking of taking this trip based on this guy's smoldering good looks?  Bri can't believe she's even considering it!

Once Bri gets to the island is when the story begins to go wacky, but also where the smokin' hot scenes will have you reaching for your spouse/partner!  They are what I enjoyed most about the book (of course!), as I just couldn't wrap my head completely around the storyline, it was a little too bizarre.

If you enjoy Delilah's books, you should definitely give Obsessed a try.  Who knows, you may absolutely love it!


New Books on My Shelf

Here's what got added to my shelf last week:

All of these books came to me compliments of buddies, or swaps, over at PBS!

Taboo by Cheyenne McCray
The Completeness of Celia Flynn by Sedonia Gullione
Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh
The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast
Red-Hot Summer by Maya Banks & others
Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy by Helenkay Dimon

What wonderful, sexy books did you add to your shelves last week?  Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your post, or just share your list in your comment. 

Thanks for dropping by!


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Years later and unexpectedly, Todd expressed his love and asked for her hand in marriage. When she refuses to believe him, he tries all the wicked ways to make her accept his love. Including the most explicit sexual intimacy imaginable. This fuels her desire and sweeps her away.

Top-notch engineer, Todd William Fox, never intended to hurt Diana’s feelings by ignoring her letters. She was young and off-limits. Now, after years of watching her turn into a beautiful headstrong woman, he loses his heart to her. When Diana’s brother gives him the go signal to pursue her, he sets out on persuading Diana into his arms and into his bed. But will the chatterbox Diana give her heart the way she yielded her body to him—wholeheartedly? "