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Cover Hottie

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Literature & Fiction / General / Erotica

Copyright 2009
Pages ~ 288
ISBN ~ 9780758223739


Welcome to Maple Court and all its delicious temptations as small town art professor Taylor Barwick is about to discover...

Taylor Barwick's job has become too predictable and her sex life? Zilch. Hoping to spice things up, Tay jumps at the chance to house-sit her best friend's mansion for six months on a leafy cul-de-sac just outside Manhattan. Once Tay moves to Maple Court, she makes fast friends with Pam, a wealthy widow who lets her in on a dirty little secret: Beneath its affluent exterior, Maple Court is a hotbed of sex and seduction... When Tay meets Justin Karallis, she's immediately attracted to the handsome, sophisticated photographer and they become lovers. But soon Justin's lovemaking isn't enough to satisfy Tay and she finds out about Club Fantasy, where she can act out her most intimate fantasies. After that, there's no turning back...


  1. ohhh, I had this one in my hand last weekend at Borders... so tempting!

  2. I have this book in my TBR........somewhere! LOL Very nice cover!!! :)

  3. Hello ladies!

    I know what you mean, Brande! So many great books to choose from lately. :)

    Lucky you, Blanche! :p Isn't he so fine? *sigh*