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New Books on My Shelf ...

As my very first post on my new blog, I would like to introduce my first meme. I've seen other variations of this meme, but I'm changing it up a little. Instead of only posting the books that come in your mailbox, this way you can post ANY new books that you've added to your shelf each week, (every other week, once a month, whenever you have the time to post them!) matter how they got there. Maybe you bought them, maybe they were a gift, or they really did come in the mail. Doesn't matter! As long as they're new additions to your shelves, you more than welcome to join in the fun. :)

I'll start us off...I added quite a few "new" books to MY shelves this past week. I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas (Books-a-million and Barnes & Noble). I put them to good use by stocking up on Erotica!! *wink*

Here they are...

Desire for Three - Leah Brooke
Three's Company
- Lorelei James, Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon
Michelle's Men -
Lynn LaFleur
Marly's Choice
- Lora Leigh
- Maya Banks
Seducing Simon
- Maya Banks

Cowgirl Up and Ride - Lorelei James
Rough, Raw, and Ready
- Lorelei James
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
- Lorelei James
Our Man Friday
- Claire Thompson
Take Me Again
- Mackenzie McKade
Dirty Deeds
- Lorelei James

Real Men Do It Better - Susan Donovan,
Lora Leigh, Lori Wilde, Carrie Alexander
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? - Kate Pearce
Voyeur - Lacey Alexander
Full Exposure - Tracy Wolff
Bad Girl - Maya Reynolds
The Hot Line - Cathryn Fox

Be sure to come back and read my reviews of these books sometime soon.


  1. Wow! Great books!

  2. Hey J. Kaye!

    Thank you for being my very first commenter & follower! I hope you'll come back soon. :)

  3. All awesome books!! I'm a big Lorelei James fan and Claire Thompson and well ok, I love all those authors!! I will be interested to see what you think of the Leah Brooke book....Desire for Three. I'll let you know my thoughts after you read it! :)

  4. Hey girl, you've got great taste in books! That's a promising selection for your blog to start with :) I'll definitely be back to check what your thoughts on these books are! :D

  5. Wow, seriously great books, these are ALL my kind of books. I have read a few and some are on my TBR!!!! Congrats on the new blog!!! I am now a follower!


  6. WOW! Thank you gals SO much for becoming followers and commenting...I really appreciate it! :)

    @ Blanche ~ the Lorelei James books look/sound like awesome books...I can't wait to read them. Actually, I'm excited to read ALL of these books! LOL I'm still pretty new to Erotica, and I always see these in the PBS swaps. Did you hate Desire for Three? Is that why you won't tell me?!?!? Meanie!

    @ Janna ~ I'll be watching for you to come back by. *wink* Hopefully, I'll be able to have giveaways every couple of months or so, too. I'll keep y'all posted.

    @ Brande ~ Oooo! I need to come see which books you've reviewed, that way I can stack them accordingly. LOL


  7. Actually I liked Desire For Three but in this book you meet Blade whose story is book 2 (Blade's Desire) and I really really liked him and I had high expectations for him but his book just didn't do it for me.

  8. Hi Blanche ~

    I wondered if that's what you were referring to. I accidentally read Blade's Desire awhile back, not realizing it was book #2 (HATE reading series books out of order!!)...I wasn't very impressed with it either. I'm not big on BDSM anyway, but that aspect wasn't too bad. I guess I just had my expectations set too high to begin with. *shrugs*

    I have the 3rd book on my WL on PBS still. Hopefully I'll get it soon. *fingers crossed* :p

  9. I squirm a bit with BDSM........not all, because I've read some that was fine but some of the things he did in this book really bothered me! I didn't like Blade as much at the end of his book as I did before I read it!

    I'm on the WL too!!

  10. Yeah! There towards the end of Blade's Desire, I wanted to slap the **** outta him!

    LOL Maybe one of us will get book 3 soon!

    Have you read Secret Ties by Opal Carew? I really liked it, but it has very light BDSM.